Notes for reinstalling Android on a phone

These are my running notes for when I’m reinstalling Android on a phone. Most everything these days is synced to Dropbox or Google, but there are still a few little gotchas. (Sorry, Ben! And everyone who texted him in 2017-2018)


  • Signal messages
  • Contacts – should be syncing to Google
  • Photos – should be syncing to Dropbox
  • 2 factor authentication apps for work will need to be reinstalled. Have spare codes if possible.
Music setup:
Convince VLC to see the music on the phone. I thought that I had convinced it to see the Dropbox music folder, so all we needed to do was make some music files offline via Dropbox. But VLC did not like the Dropbox music location in July 2018, so we moved files into Android Music location. Bah!