Standard programs for a fresh computer

  1. Chrome and Firefox browsers
    • Tighten privacy settings, install PrivacyBadger, change search to DuckDuckGo
  2. Dropbox
  3. Password management tool
  4. Gaming software
    • Steam
    • Epic
  5. Productivity software
    • Scrivener (for writing novels)
    • Evernote (capturing things online and ideas)
    • Adobe Reader (when needed)
    • Zoom/Skype/etc. as needed
    • Paint.NET (simple image editing)
    • Microsoft Office (if license available/needed)
    • CutePDF (if still supported)
    • Notepad++ (editing code/text)
    • BeyondCompare (File compare and SFTP)
    • FileZilla (simple SFTP)
    • 7Zip (when needed)
    • VPN software¬† (when needed)

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