Representative Engagements & Projects

NWEA (2016 – present)

  • Product Owner (Scaled Agile – scrum) for internal test assembly web application (2017)
  • Technical troubleshooting and problem-solving for internal tools
  • Documentation audit to identify gaps, develop master index of existing documentation, and manage documentation improvements
  • Assist with specification documentation for test and test items (IMS)

CMB Enterprises (2015 – present)

Silurian Press (2015 – present): create and implement business plan, communication, and marketing efforts.  Consult with authors about publishing process. Write, edit, and publish a variety of works.

Technology and knowledge management consulting (2015 – 2016): provide technology and information/ knowledge management best practices, benchmarks, typical challenges, and solutions for non-profits and businesses.

Ecotrust (2013 – 2015)

Director of Knowledge Management/Knowledge Manager: lead learning technology and knowledge management efforts:

  • create a shared understanding within Ecotrust of organization knowledge and how to find knowledge and information
  • complete audit of the knowledge management tools and processes, with roadmap for next steps


  • employees can build upon the previous work and knowledge created within Ecotrust, more easily share stories, and share knowledge with wider public
  • people outside of Ecotrust can explore the knowledge within Ecotrust, and find appropriate information and knowledge to do wonderful things

Representative engagements at PixelSpoke (2005-2013)

Strategy development: consult with clients to solve business process and marketing challenges and to develop effective communication plans for their stakeholders, including ongoing evaluation to refine the strategy as appropriate. Representative engagements:

  • Create high-level communication goals and priorities for a power cooperative, focusing on utilizing email to educate its members on how members can reduce energy consumption
  • Refine the online training offering of a technology consulting firm, and identify appropriate digital tools to sell and distribute its new product
  • Clarify the key aspects of a website redesign process for a transportation engineering company, allowing it to undertake a website redesign using in-house resources with a few key freelancers as needed
  • Define the different types of community and engagement created through blogging for a business consulting firm in order to clarify its initial blogging initiative
  • Reduce the administrative overhead for a nonprofit by defining the new member intake and renewal processes, and recommending automation options where practical

User experience: advocate on behalf of the users of clients’ projects. Evaluate initial assumptions to provide recommendations for improvements. Representative engagements:

  • Review key conversion goals on banking websites using observation, interviews, and best practices to incorporate successful interface and website structure into new credit union website
  • Determine the best tool (including a forum, wiki, and content management system) for internal documentation and resource management using process mapping, best practices, and observation
  • Assess the product purchase process on a plastic manufacturer’s website to identify successful and counter-productive navigation techniques, focusing on site speed and analytics data. Create key recommendations for ongoing website improvements

Information organization: ensure client projects have effective information architecture and resolve information organization challenges in the context of design, technology, and budgetary restrictions. Representative engagements:

  • Create interactive wireframes and clear sitemap for a large national law firm. Focus on allowing visitors to quickly locate one of hundreds of attorneys through a variety of navigation and search techniques
  • Assist colleagues and clients with adding new content to an existing website or web application while maintaining organizational structure
  • Organize hundreds of web-based resources for a mechanical supply company so that visitors can easily find information about company products and access the separate e-commerce website and employees can easily maintain the resource database
  • Design the database model for a custom hiring process and new employee onboarding web application for a large nonprofit

Programming: create new website and web applications using best practices and internal standards, including clear documentation, appropriate testing and source control. Representative engagements:

  • Program a web-based private member area (PHP/MySQL) for natural gas supplier with multiple levels of user permissions so that unique, confidential information is secure for each customer. Work included:
    • migrating client data from Joomla platform to WordPress platform
    • programming .csv import tool for monthly customer update
    • programming admin interface to enter company-wide data used for client rate calculations
  • Design, program, and document core PixelSpoke WordPress theme (HTML/CSS/JavaScript and PHP) used with new client projects including maintenance functions. Program and maintain internal plugins and code used for integrations with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Twitter, and other third-party services
  • Add semantic markup (using structure) to an existing client website to better communicate article, video, and author details to screen readers and search engines

Leadership: manage contractors and technical team, and create and maintain efficient development processes, technology standards, and tool improvements. Key initiatives:

  • Provide mentorship and individual training for the team focusing on effective communication, work strategies, and professional development
  • Lead internal and public presentations and workshops on topics including personal online security, responsive design, website speed, future possible directions for the web, and wikis
  • Collaborate with the team to create internal documentation using Mediawiki, online project management and training with Basecamp and WordPress websites, and customer management with Salesforce

Project examples

PixelSpoke: (2015)
Details: our company website
Responsible for: information architecture, front/back-end programming

Trailhead Credit (2015)
Details: local Portland credit union
Responsible for: information architecture, front/back-end programming

Orcas Power & Light (2015)
Details: power cooperative for San Juan County, Washington
Responsible for: strategy, account management, back-end programming

Brent (2014) Details: awesome SQL ninjas
Responsible for: back-end programming

Taylor Rush:
Details: website for the author, Taylor Rush, including blog and e-commerce to purchase books.
Responsible for: everything

Details: personal blog about Portland
Responsible for: everything